Sheridan may be out

  • Brian Taylor
  • 4 May 07, 04:59 AM

More on the minors.

Gossip - and it is just that - is that Tommy Sheridan may not be elected in Glasgow.

At the very least, it's marginal at the moment.

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  • At 05:02 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • John Thomson wrote:

that from 'Referee Brian Taylor, he Man With The Braces'

thanks for the gossip Brian, keep it coming

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  • At 05:04 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Vic wrote:

Are the plasma screens at the counts showing unverified results? It seems to be the case in some areas that the results are being counted but are getting stuck at the external verification stage. It seems that the BBC is specifically avoiding showing those screens - is that right?

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  • At 05:10 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Francis Murphy wrote:

Hello hello!

I met good old Tommy in Glasgow, seemed like a nice enough chap. But all the hot-air about 'sectarian' schools from his cohorts (stolen, it would seem, from the Greeny Greens), put me off.

Solidarity indeed!

Still, it's been an exciting sort of night. I'm rather bleary eyed, and bed calls: but I hope the SNP do pull through. At the very least, it would be an exciting result.

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  • At 05:17 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Nick Bibby wrote:

I'm listening to this on a half-functioning link on my old Mac in deepest, darkest Seoul. I only get very other word or so, but mostly keep renewing my access to the files because I can't believe what I'm hearing. More than 100,000 votes discarded? Postal ballots not arriving? And all of this in addition to the concern about some of the companies running this technology.
I've observed elections in the US, Canada and Korea. I've always felt a mildly smug sense that I came from a country where we got it right.
We don't. this is pathetic.

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  • At 05:21 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Ritetidy wrote:

What a very sad day for not only all the genuine socialists but also for Scotland in general if this 'gossip' is correct. Tommy is indeed thee working class hero of our time and is everything a true socialist should aspire to be.

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  • At 05:23 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Francis Murphy wrote:

Seoul eh?

Aye, we're all extremely red-faced. Douglas Alexander is crying in a corner, now.

Shocking, isn't it, when a bunch of supposed 'educated' men and women stand around staring at a plasma screen, waiting for a COMPUTER to tell them they're ALLOWED to announce the election results that they could have counted by hand anyway.

I wish James T Kirk would beam in and save Scotland from computer control, as he did with so many oppressed space societies.

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  • At 05:24 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Rod Murray wrote:

Who on earth thought up this ridiculous system, and why? It all seemed to work reasonably well before. Incidently, I live down under and it is a legal requirement to vote here. Maybe it should be the same back home, but then again, more votes would mean more confusion for the computer boffins! All a bit embarrassing for us ex-pats!

Good luck, at least I didn't have to stay up all night to watch it. Great show by the way! Aussie Politics doesn't compete!

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  • At 05:26 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Kenneth O'Boyle wrote:

Good morning Brian,just a quick question how can Alex Salmond represent two constituencies is this legal?
Best wishes

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  • At 05:28 AM on 04 May 2007,
  • Keith wrote:

Enjoying the coverage. I thought I was in for a night of boring politics, didn't expect the comedy counts.

Have to say the spokeswoman for the computer company should get a career in politics. Even Tony Blair couldn't avoid a question better.

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