Here we go ... again.

  • Betsan Powys
  • 4 Jun 07, 03:02 PM

You disappear for a few days and what happens?

You get into work to find the Royal Navy's anchored what looks like a warship a few hundred yards away in Cardiff Bay, the in-box has been inundated with offers of free phentemine, codeine, car radios and viagra and - yes, rather more significantly - Rhodri Morgan has anounced his new cabinet.

The texts that came my way on Thursday lunchtime were in two minds over his choice: small but perfectly formed or a make-no-false-moves flop? I just wonder whether we'll even get the chance to find out.

It's certainly a cabinet designed to do what the man says is on the tin: to 'reach out to other parties' and 'move forwards on the basis of consensus'. Three key posts, three key appointments: the 'sweet' Jane Hutt (Glyn Davies' description, not mine) who got on so well in her negotiations with Plaid; Edwina Hart who we will now, I hope, get the chance to interview rather more often than in the past and Carwyn Jones who gets his golden opportunity to lose the 'lazy' tag.

By the way tomorrow night he's on the panel of four politicians facing an audience in a Week In Week Out special down in the Senedd. Who's on the panel? Spot the odd one out: Ieuan Wyn Jones, Mike German, Nick Bourne and ... Carwyn Jones. Do you think Rhodri Morgan is trying to tell us something?

If you've any questions to put to them or want to let off steam about the events of the past few weeks then let me know before tomorrow night and I'll do my best to include them.

And you never know, before the end of the week, the blog may even have managed to migrate to its proper home alongside the Political Editors of Scotland and Northern Ireland. I get the feeling geese have less trouble making it over the Himalayas than I've had it to shift from one site to another.

Here's hoping.

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