Old boy

  • Betsan Powys
  • 19 May 07, 11:07 PM

Dafydd Wigley is an 'old boy' of Rydal School in Penrhos near Colwyn Bay and he's just been back to see them.

As if you needed reminding he wasn't elected to the Assembly and didn't therefore have to stay at home in case Ieuan Wyn Jones came visiting. He's been on the road this weekend, talking and listening to his AMs. That was his plan at least but it's not clear whether Bethan Jenkins blogged pre or post her chat with the boss.

Anyway the good news for Dafydd Wigley is that he was able, therefore, to keep a promise to give a speech to Rydal's present lot of pupils, one designed to inspire them to go out there and go for it.

The gist? That there's no point expecting somebody else to get on with it on your behalf. It's up to you to seize your opportunities when they come about and make things happen.

A sharp-eared member of his audience wondered whether he was delivering a message to someone other than Rydal's finest.

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