Is Heather too proud, or just let down?

Monday 14 February 2011, 10:00

Lou Lou

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Happy Valentine's Day! Have you toppled over a mountain of cards this morning? Perhaps you've run out of vases to display your red roses? Or are you waiting for the Royal Mail van to drop off boxes full of gifts?

No?! Romance. Is. Officially. Dead. It looks like Heather Trott isn't so lucky in love either, or, quite frankly, anything else at the moment. Where are the violins?!

Perhaps Hev's just gotta have Faith, a-faith, a-faith...

Unlucky-in-love Hev's struggling behind closed doors to keep her head above water with baby George. Not only that, but it's one VERY cold winter and the single mum's unable to keep her electricity ticking over.

With armfuls of pride and a purseful of air, the poor love needs a lucky break. Although, if tomorrow night's EastEnders is anything to go by... I doubt she'll get one any time soon.

Don't miss Tuesday's special episode which devotes time to exhausted Hev.

Is our much-loved Heather too proud to accept help? Or have those closest to her let her down?

I'm hoping a knight in shining armour (with the name of George Michael), will come to her rescue, feed her from a cheese fondue and massage her pinkies...

Who said romance was dead? Oh, yeah... me.

Watch Tuesday, 15 February episode at 19:30.

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