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Friday 26 February 2010, 20:00

Nickie L Nickie L

RIP Bradley

Bradley RIP

Oh dear as Mo rolls home from her holidays in a sombrero... Might want to ditch that happy holiday feeling toot sweet. The grief was palpable. Flowers at the Vic, Stacey's little tear-stained face, her disappearance, err Max feverishly polishing a pair of Brad's brogues and the allegation that Bradley was Archie's killer. Well... anyone who still thinks that obviously didn't watch the live episode. Marsden didn't look too convinced anyway...

And on a related note, ill-advised come-on of the week: Ronnie speculating that the upshot of Bradley's gruesome death might be that she and Jack could have another smooch. Err... he was Jack's nephew, Ron, you might want to show a bit of compassion if you fancy a bit of the other. Tut tut.

Meanwhile, Nurse Christian to the rescue!
Zainab, Kamil and Masood

Oooh don't you just love it when Christian comes over all masterful - hugging grieving Syed, taking control of Zainab's labour. Understandably, Zainab didn't want her son's illicit lover having anything to do with her labour. She wanted Mas... and Amira. Err... are you sure, Zee!? Unfortunately Amira was embroiled in a split-end emergency and arrived one hot-oil treatment later after the baby was born... on the floor of the Masala unit. I nearly cried when the baby was born and it wouldn't breathe. Thankfully, Masood brought the tiny tot to life, via Christian via the emergency services. Little baby Kamil seemed to have brought Zainab and Mas closer together than ever. But not for long...

Post - natal depression
Syed, Kamil, Zainab, Masood

POST-natal depression. Cos Masood is a postman. Get it? Mmm hilarious. No sooner had Minty polished off the baby buffet, then the Royal Mail investigation squad were in the Masood sitting room accusing Mas of pilfering post. He temporarily convinced Zee that he was innocent... with the much-worse revelation that he'd been gambling... again. Things don't look good for the new parents. "The brown stuff just hit the big whirly thing," as Tamwar put it. Oh dear.

Meanwhile, a spot of Auntie-natal depression (durr see what we've done there as well) for Amira who was caught necking contraceptive pills by Syed who then went on a rather hypocritical rant about trust and the meaning of marriage. Looked in the mirror lately, Syed? Or were you too busy snuggling up to Christian at Brad's floral display? Anyway, they kissed, made up and she chucked the pills in the bin. Move over Kamil, George and Amy, there may be a new baby in town soon!

And finally... what we learned this week
Courtesy of Professor Jean Slater - Floriography is 'the language of flowers'. Pussy willow represents motherhood and gerberas represent innocence. Who needs Wikipedia...

Have you seen the live episode alternative endings? Played the 25th anniversary quiz, hosted by Rita Simons (Roxy) and John Partridge (Christian)? Seen all of the anniversary action?


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    Comment number 1.

    What a good week in eastenders eh? :D I think Lacey was fantastic this week :P she made me cry when she kissed bradley and said "its not bradley" awww, x

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    Comment number 2.

    It's been a quite week as the square's settled down from recent events, but I'm sure there's plenty more drama ahead!!!

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    Comment number 3.

    Cried so much when Stacey kissed Bradely heartbreaking and im so proud of Christian for staying with Zainab despite her being so nasty to him and Syed so well done Christian. Hannah xxxx

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    Comment number 4.

    Eastenders has been such a sad week, and i read that the bbc have received 103 complaints after Lucas Johnson killed poor sugar.
    I am not surprised that this has gone down badly with the public.Who's idea was it to heap more misery on the viewers.
    Any animal lover (including myself) is rightly outraged at showing or even suggesting animal cruelty.I couldn't watch on Thursday night.
    I bet it was the same group of writers that decided that Bradley and Stacey couldn't possibly have a nice ending to their love story,even Bradley going down for Archie's murder,and possibly returning at some point in the future would have been better than this.
    What is the point of either Lucas's or becca's characters.Lucas is pure EVIL and nobody so supposedly god fearing would commit such attrocities when he knew that Jordan loved his Mum and then he was helped by getting sugar when she died.Sugar remember was Syd,then Bradley's dog.SO CRUEL and unnecessary.
    Becca is a dangerous nasty and unhinged character. She wasn't needed and anybody would tell her to sling her hook,the way she behaved in the Slater household,the lack of respect at the chapel of rest towards Bradley, and the way she bosses everyone about and even conned Jean out of all her earnings.Please tell me that she is leaving VERY soon.
    Diederick Santer has ruined Eastenders compared to how it used to be.

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    Comment number 5.

    its been a good week in eastenders


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