Picture gallery: w/c 6 September 2010

Tuesday 31 August 2010, 01:00

Rob F Rob F EastEnders Blog Team

What the blazes is going on this week? Why, it's only the fire at the Vic! Expect several sizzling storylines to reach boiling point before the smoke clears...

All washed up

Phil's behaviour has been panned by all around him, and now it's Peggy's turn to show him what a drip he's been. But who has she enlisted to get him back on track?


Who's the Daddy?

Ryan's stag do must have been extra low budget - looks like the luvved-up lad was forced to double up as his own strippergram! Ricky seems very happy, but without seeing what exactly's going on behind the bushes, we really wouldn't want to speculate why...


Here comes the bride... again

Seems like Janine is always heading up the aisle, usually for all the wrong reasons. Ricky and Pat certainly look like they've seen it all before. Will it be I do' or 'you're doomed' for hubby-to-be Ryan?


Keeping mum

Max has a few words of advice for troubled Stacey. But which of her many dark secrets is he encouraging her to keep a lid on. With so many to choose from...


Heat of the moment

When someone said "toast the bride and groom" this surely isn't what they meant?! Janine and and Ryan are desperate to get out as things get out of control at The Vic.


Burning Branning?

Poor Max and a terrified Vanessa seem to be trapped at the heart of the fire too. Who says we haven't had a scorching summer?

All fired up

Is Peggy about to exit Walford in a blaze of glory? Things don't look good for the Mitchell matriarch. And standing next to Phil is probably a dangerous move. With the amount of alcohol he consumes, he's likely to be a major fire risk in his own right.



Trapped in the Vic, Stacey's in no position to save herself. Who will be a hero and come to her rescue?



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