Picture gallery: w/c 22 November 2010

Tuesday 16 November 2010, 00:00

Rob F Rob F EastEnders Blog Team

There are plenty of tasty morsels on the Walford menu this week - from prime beefcake to a deep-frozen dish. Go on, tuck in!

Who ordered the beef?

The Vic's turned into something of a Kat-tle market, as Ryan strips of to flex his pecs. But what's this topless treat all about? Or does that even matter, ladies?

Kat and Ryan

Speed Daal

Zainab's cooking up a plan to buy a certain restaurant. But as it's on Ian Beale's acquisition menu too, it'll probably tikka bit of Arjee Bhajee to outbid him...


Cupboard love

Is Ian about to come out of the closet? And if not, where is he hiding and who is he eavesdropping on? We suspect it will all end in tears...

Ian The The crying game

See, we told you it would. Poor Jane's having a good old blub. What's set her off this time? Could it be her hopeless hubby? Or has Bianca's dayglo top made her eyes water?

Zainab, Jane and Bianca

Cool customer

Ryan will never be as chilled as Patrick at the best of times, but he'll certainly get the blues if he stay's in the Vic's cold store too long. Who's turned frosty and left him in there?


Kitchen chaos

Messing with Masood is clearly a bad idea, but who's worked him up to this state? And is that a look of recognition in Zainab's eyes?

Masood, Yusef and Zainab


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