Photo Spoilers: Return of the Max

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 10:00

Katy R Katy R EastEnders Blog Team

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Meet the faaamily

Big bro Derek's come to Walford to support Max. And let's just say he isn't shy about coming forward! He re-introduces himself to the Cross ladies - will they welcome him with open arms?

Cora, Derek and Tanya

Dodgy dealings

In Lola's eyes money makes the world go round. When the Moons offer her a way to make some quick cash, she jumps at the chance. They'd better watch out though - this young lady is part-Mitchell after all!

Alfie, Lola, Billy and Tyler

Forgive me father...

The smitten reverend wasn't prepared to have his good heart broken, but life isn't a bed of roses! What will Dot's naughty little sister have to say for herself? Shame on you Patrick!

Rose and Patrick

Let's not get hys-derek-al

He's here! Derek Branning has entered The Square. He's a very unwelcome guest in Pat's house. Why aren't they happy to see him? We are!

Pat, Carol and Derek

C'mon spill!

Lola drops a big bomshell that leaves grandad Billy reeling. Inquisitive Jay wants to know more about her little secret. Will she share all with him?

Lola and Jay

Help! I need somebody...

...and certainly not just any body. Jack's in search of a babysitter to look after Amy, but refuses Roxy's offer to help out. Beggars can't be choosers though. Will he find another willing person?

Carol, Amy and Jack

Honey, I'm home!

Max comes home to a not-so-warm-welcome - and walks head first into a Branning barny! Will they all be happy to see him?

Abi, Max and Tanya

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