Photo spoilers: Tyler makes samosa his date!

Tuesday 4 October 2011, 11:51

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Week commencing 10 October 2011

Korma blimey!

Whitney and Tyler head to the Argee Bhajee for a jalfreze hot date. Will the evening be second to naan, or are the pair pop-a-doomed?

Whitney & Tyler

The big picture

Amira's shocked to discover that Christian and Syed are engaged. But does her jaw-dropping news trump theirs?

Amira, Christian, Roxy and Syed

Foam party!

Fatboy and Heather go all out and throw Dot a birthday party in *drum roll please* The Laundrette. Did anyone ask Mr Papadopoulos' permission?!

Dot and Heather

Life of the party

Fatboy's clearly pleased with himself, bless his (Dot) cotton socks. Will the party be a wash out?

Fatbot and Dot

Tanya's fear

Tanya speaks to her radiographer about her fear of losing her hair. But does she share her feelings with anyone else?


Put to the test

Alfie comes up with a plan to see if Mandy's taking Ian for a ride. Does she fall for it and who lets the Kat out of the bag?

Kat, Alfie and Ian

I wanna hold your hand

Mrs Moon is out on the town - well, she's in R&R - But the question is, who's her mystery man, and will she remember what curiosity did to the Kat?


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