Photo spoilers: Crime doesn't pay - or does it?

Tuesday 27 September 2011, 10:45

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Week commencing 3 October 2011

Stand by me?

Caught disposing of the evidence after his latest attack on Phil, Ben gets a stern talking-to from Christian. Can Christian rein in the maverick Mitchell? Looks like he's the perfect shoulder to cry on at least...

Ben and Christian

Key player?

When Eddie sees the opportunity to unlock a brighter future, Vanessa seems a safe bet to help out. Let's hope for their sake that Vanessa and crime are a winning combination. Okay, you probably saw what we did there...

Vanessa and Eddie

Gateau-t of my face!

At a high-profile council event, a pompous official makes a pass at Mandy. Cake in hand, Ian makes it quite eclaire that the man's lewd remarks really take the biscuit!

Ian and Mandy

Mean to Dean

Tyler plays it cool when Whit wants a kiss. Why is he giving her the brush-off?

Tyler and Whitney

Get out of (not) my pub!

Patrick and Phil square up over Ben's latest antics - leading the latter to resort to extreme measures. And not the ones you pour from a bottle either! What happens next?

Patrick, Kim, Norman and Phil

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    Comment number 1.

    Yes First to write :)
    i think ben has go to christen because cryed are the only gay in the village but not for long
    Going to be a good week :)

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    Comment number 2.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the interaction between Ben and Christian.

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    Comment number 3.

    It looks like a good week but please EE could you for once depict someone who has been in intensive care even a little bit accurately. My husband is still recovering from his stint in intensive care last christmas and yet we see a character with the fastest growing hair in the world and walking around as if nothing happened. They also got taken off for operations whilst in intensive care whereas in reality he would be too ill to move and they would do it at the bed. It would really help people understand if EE could raise the profile of this in a story. Well done for the current cancer story. Being tackled really sensitively.
    I challenge EE to do a real swine flu story this winter.

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    Comment number 4.

    @E20Launderette Me too :) The gays are the best thing happening on Eastenders :D It looks like Eddie is turning into Micheal...If he wants money, I'm sure he could just do a gig in the Vic :D

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    Comment number 5.

    i knew tyler would brake whits heart stupid baldy i was so angry with the writers for the last episode of eastenders E20 why fatboy and faith i like faith but fatboy belongs whit i like ediie and i liked vanessa at first hate her now them two will be waving goddbye this week ian is welcome to his slut mandy dirty perv and ben mitchell dont know why he is still in the soap i have a good eastenders storyline which i think would be good lauren and greg have a secret affair behind tanyas back and then it ends where tanya finds out she tells greg she has cancer and he says well ur life is going to end anyway and he shoves tanya in the boot of his car lauren sees this through her bedroom window and then argues with him he repeditaly punches her making her unconcious shoves her in the car and drives off when max returns and when abi says her mum went missing ages ago he goes to find her lauren then wakes up and texts max quick about whats happend without greg seeing this leads to a car chase and greg slides into a van and with max unable to break his car smashes into gregs good storyline possibly


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