This week on EastEnders: Papa don't preach...

Friday 12 March 2010, 20:29

Nickie L Nickie L

Papa don't preach...

Lucy and Ian

...Lucy's in trouble deep. But she's made up her mind - she's keeping her baby. Oooh oh she's gonna keep her baby and she's going to give it to Jane. "This baby means everything to me," emoted Jane, not mentioning the fact that Ian's erant spawn is the reason why she can't have one in the first place. Ian smiled distractedly while plotting to convince Lucy to get rid of the baby. The importance of GCSEs obviously wasn't a strong enough argument... appealing to vanity failed... even plotting her plummetting popularity on a graph had little effect. Finally the big guns came out - Marie from the Caf's labour video. But Ian had underestimated the British education system - Lucy had seen way worse in sex ed, and still wanted to go ahead with it. Instead, the video prompted Ian to start blubbing about the miracle of life and he gave his OK to Lucy and Jane's decision. But now that Leon's found out, are the Beale baby plans in jeopardy?

Grime night at the Vic


No more sitting on your lonely bar stool til closing, swaying to The Feeling. This is the new Vic. And in an attempt to keep up, Peggy got her download on and secured some of Whit's sickest grime dubs. Not only that, she donned her tequila girl outfit, squirting toxins down the throats of her waiting punters. However all she got for her efforts was grief from Billie's crew, a drink thrown at her and her booze nicked. Upstairs after a telling off from Roxy, she and the Queen Vic bust sat forlorn and unwanted. Frankly there are a lot more reasons to keep the bust out of the Vic than Peggy - at least Peggy didn't kill the landlady's father... Luckily, Danny's return took her mind off things. So that's two Mitchells he's won over.. two left to go... (sadly, in terms of influential Mitchells, Billy doesn't count)

Lucas under investigation

Libby and Lucas

Trina's tree! Never has a sapling faced so much peril in the first year of its life. If Jordan ain't scrabbling around it, Kylie's trying to set it alight or the local committee is petitioning to have it moved. Poor old murdering Lucas spent most of the week trying to get Detective Inspector Patrick Trueman off the case of Liz's mystery blooms, failing miserably when intrepid investigators Patrick and Libby managed to nick the CCTV footage and found that Lucas had bought the flowers and not Owen. Another fine mess that Lucas had to wriggle out of. Once that was sorted, this new campaign to refurbish the gardens raised its head. With the prospect of Trina's tree being dug up and the deadly contents at its roots revealed, will Lucas have to murder every single person on the Square to keep his secret or will he have to face the music?

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    Comment number 1.

    Awww man Libby fell for Lucas' lies!!!! I am loving the scenes with Danny Mitchell :P He's gonna make so much havock i can tell! I hope we get to see a few more scenes of Danny and Ronnie too as well as roxy :D Good week eastenders, good week. x

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    Comment number 2.

    Saw Don Gilet at the Grove theatre in Dunstable last Sunday watching Tim Vine. He's a lot smaller than he looks on the telly!! And thats saying something....cause my telly is only 32" from corner to Anyway, the Mrs was going to ask him for a picture for facebook but he looked like he didn't want the attention.

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    Comment number 3.

    Come on Terence go and do your job. Lucas you need to go to the lake to throw Sugar's leash in because... you're evil and Denise is gonna go looking for Sugar at the lake and then Lucas' body floats up, in front of her very eyes! She'll call the police and then they will look in the lake and find poor old Sugar. Jordon is going to hate Lucas and refuse to go to his funeral and then when everyone finds out he killed Owen, no one goes to his funeral and he gets buried alone. That would be a good storyline, hint hint Diedrick Santer.

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    Comment number 4.

    Some great storylines coming up and running currently.

    I specially like the Lucas storyline , getting the character killing two people (ok one really , and the other manslaughter) , and now we going to no doubt see the fall-out and maybe a special behind the scenes about that character.

    It does seem like the clock is ticking for Lucas (Don Gillet)

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    Comment number 5.

    Lucas is like a ticking time bomb! Poor old Denise. Always picks the bad uns...

    I'm annoyed because I just this morning realised that I should have added a hilarious grime joke to this week's review about Peggy Mitchell's Tinie Tempah (in tribute to the UK's current grime number 1). Oh wasted opportunities!


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