Kat and Alfie reunited with baby Tommy

Friday 15 April 2011, 21:30

Lou Lou

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WOW. WHAT. AN. EPISODE. Ronnie handing over baby Tommy to a stunned Kat was more shocking than the pink shirt Greg had to endure on his wedding day.

It's been a gruelling four-month journey for both Kat and Ronnie since the eventful night of New Years Eve. Ronnie may have done the unthinkable by taking Tommy, but both mothers have been grieving and trying to cope in their own way.

Tonight's ultimate climax on Tanya's big day is one we were all waiting for... Ronnie's secret was revealed! We've been kept on tenderhooks and we've seen just how difficult the whole experience has been for both mothers.

But it's not over yet...

Tanya, Ronnie and Kat

... how can Kat and Alfie even begin to understand and get their head around the why's and how's?

Share your thoughts... What did you think? How will Kat and Alfie react? What will happen to Ronnie? And what does the future hold for Jack?

AND... will Tanya and Max EVER get back together (yep, I know the gal's just got hitched)? The magnetism in that man. Bad Max *wags finger*.

You can watch the full episode (again and again) on our BBC iPlayer.

You can also share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtags #babyreveal and #eastenders.

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    Comment number 1.

    First to comment, yeah :)
    Glad the baby swap's over!
    Glad that Abi and Max are alive, but i am not wanting Max to ruin Tanya and Greg's relationship :)

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    Comment number 2.

    Absolute rubbish ! Thought yesterdays programme was more exciting.. all that trouble & how long we had to wait just for Ronnie to go 'here's your baby.. im going to get in a police car now.. ' Let down!

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    Comment number 3.

    What did you think: WELL... HOW INTENSE!!
    How will Kat and Alfie react: Not sure, but i hope they do realise that it is really Tommy
    What will happen to Ronnie: Well, i want her to have a happy ending, but not sure if that will happen
    And what does the future hold for Jack: Jack probilly won't take Ronnie back after all the lieing :/

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    Comment number 4.

    if I was kat I would be like omg and have a dna test really quickly + i think max will try and get back into tanyas life

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    Comment number 5.

    Six out of ten trending topics on Twitter says it all really. That was an amazing episode, really well acted by everyone! I hope Ronnie doesn't go to prison (though if she does, I hope it's the same one as Bianca!) And I hope Greg and Tanya stay together and Max doesn't mess it all up! I like Max and Vanessa, and I like Tanya and Greg.


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