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Friday 5 February 2010, 15:25

Lou Lou

Would you Adam and Eve it? This weekend a bit of Albert Square is on display celebrating 25 years of dramatic endings... and cor blimey it's a blinder.

Iconic props such as the Queen Victoria bust... better known as the murder weapon that walloped Archie is on display at the EE25: The exhibition in London's East End. Don't worry, the claret's been wiped off.

Take a butchers at some of these pics from the press night of the event... there was even a quiz to test everyone's knowledge of the show. We love it.

Sam, Himesh, Charlie, Devon and ThomasSam (Leon from E20) gets domesticated with Little Mo's weapon of destruction behind the Queen Vic bar. The iron used to bash her 'orrid husband is in fact made of foam. What a revelation.

Cosily attached to striking Sam is high-spirited Himesh (Tamwar), host of the EastEnders' quiz Charlie G Hawkins takes central position (George's pop, Darren), Devon (returning Billie) and Tall Thomas (Peter) finishes the line up.

Syed and Amira's wedding outfits and Himesh poses with Charlie
Syed and Amira - one of the most short-lived weddings in Walford?! The King and Queen of that crown goes to Peggy and Archie. But, will Syed make it work with the poor princess? Two of the guests at that New Year's day bash was Tamwar (he got a snog!) and Darren (his secret was exposed!) The pair that play them were very happy to pose for our pics.

Journalist Sharon with Derek, Exec Producer Diederick with Charlie G, and Himesh with ThomasJournalist Sharon Marshall strikes a pose with delightful Derek, who plays mild-mannered Charlie Slater. Exec Producer, Diederick makes a speech on the show's quarter of a century drama... and strike a light it can be dramatic! Charlie G hears it for a second time, after having an earlier listen whilst parked on Arthur's bench. Meanwhile, Thomas and Himesh admire Roxy's revealing wedding dress. The brazen hussy.

David, Charlie and Himesh play the quizEven the actors struggle to answer the EastEnders quiz. I ask ya! Can you remember what name Mary the punk's child was called? Of course you can. It was Ruby... I mean Katie... I mean Annie.

Cheryl with Sam
Cheryl and Sam both struggled to choose their biggest villain over the last 25 years. Instead they stuck their Doof Doof stickers on their noses... I know, that would have made a good snap! Surely Nick Cotton is the biggest villain, no? Or, Maybe Trevor Morgan? Or, what about... *wanders off in confused state*.

Jade with Ricky, Willy's collar with awards and Little Mo's foam iron
With a twinkle and a glint we have E20 star, Ricky with Sugababe, Jade. Fun-filled Ethel's pug's collar perched in front of an array of EastEnders' awards over the years... and bish bash bosh... Little Mo's foam iron. Well, we wouldn't really hurt actor Alex Ferns, would we?

Walford cemetary, Don poses with the Queen Vic bust and Lucas's killer bow tie  Shiver me timbers! It's Walford's cemetary where some of the brown bread residents lay to rest. Shhhh. Dapper Don poses with the latest in a long line of murder weapons... Her Majesty *curtsy*. Although this Victoria's no pearly Queen. And looky here... Don's dark character Lucas's bow tie (which sits beside the rake that killed Trina in the display cabinet). The evil preacher.

Wedding dresses and the infamous Queen Victoria bust
Check those wedding dresses from over the years. Peggy had three to choose from. Archie's high-necked number was at the bottom of that pile... good choice. Marrying the wotsit in the first place though? Not one of your best, Pegs. Beside the garb sits the infamous Queen Vic bust... she's sat on that bar for all those years and finally got her debut. All hail Vic!

The EE25: The Exhibition floorCheck out The Fowler's family photos, along with Dot's driver's licence, Peggy's head warmers, Kat's coats and a fair few people having a natter inbetween. It's a corker.

See more pics from the exhibition on our Facebook page. There are more to come too!

Coming soon: A video tour of the exhibition presented by the cockney chancer, Charlie G Hawkins! Watch this space.

EastEnders 25: The Exhibition takes place on 5th and 6th February, in the run-up to the programme's live 25th anniversary episode which transmits on 19th February. You'd be a fool to miss it.


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    Comment number 1.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go it was my DREAM!!! but i had no one to take me there im very upset :( x

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    Comment number 2.

    Ohhh cool! I wish I'd have been there! :)

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    Comment number 3.

    Have just spoken to my lil girl who had a fab day at the exhibition with her nanny and cousin.She said it was fantastic and had a great time.

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    Comment number 4.


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    Comment number 5.

    I had a great time at the exhibition today (saturday 6th feb 2010)
    Just a few things that i think that could of made it a bit more special,it would of been nice to see a few cast people there or even to go around the square or even to look at a few places where they film some of the sceens.The quiz was quite easy,it would of been better to have a quiz sheet,then they/you could find out who is the biggest eastender fan at the exhibition.(then just a lot of people in one room & 2 people answering questions.)
    But apart from that i`m glad i went i wouldn`t of missed it for the world as it was a once in a life time thing to do and how many people can say they went and was a part of history.
    i,m looking forward to the next 25 years.


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