Photo spoiler: David takes the stand

Tuesday 4 March 2014, 00:01

 EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

Alfie continues his efforts to get rich quick (or at least before the twins arrive) by investing his money in a burger fan. However, considering he could barely get the funds together to make it out to Australia, how could he afford to start something so costly? And will Kat join him in flipping burgers, or will she flip out?

Alfie and Kat

After Carol lets rip at Kat for changing her statement in favour of Janine rather than Alice, she collapses from exhaustion. Is the stress of the trial combined with her ongoing chemotherapy going to prove too much for her?

Max, Kat, Carol

Not only does Carol have to worry about Kat's testimony - she also faces watching husband-to-be David in court. Will he side with his sister, Janine, or tell the truth for once?


Jane's already told Ian she's ready to invest money in Scarlett's, but clearly she's happy to devote some time to the café as well, pitching in with the renovations. But is there another reason why Jane's so keen to stick around?

Jane and Ian

Catch all these scenes and more on EastEnders from Monday 10th March.


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    Comment number 1.

    finally there redecorating the cafe Ive never liked the last design of it.Has Jane come back for good now ??? I'm not quite sure. I think David will tell the truth about Janine he has nothing to loose when it comes to her as he never really cared to much for her any ways plus he loves Carol so much he will do anything for her .I have a bad feeling about Alfie & Kats twins I think they might loose one of them at birth.This is EastEnders if everything turns out fine I will be very surprised

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    Comment number 2.

    So Janine is pulling all the stops out in her attempt to get off murdering Michael, she really is something quite awful! She knows she murdered him, and even confessed to David that she did it but when you are as rich as she is money buys expensive lawyers! Whereas poor Alice seems to be going down for life for something that she didn't do. Will David tell the truth and clear Alice's name or will he revert to his default setting and lie his head off to protect Janine? Well we'll just have to watch and find out. I feel sorry for poor Carol who just doesn't need this at the moment, while she is battling breast cancer.

    Meanwhile, it looks as though Ian has finally decided to redecorate the café. It doesn't look as though that has been done for ages, not since Nick Cotton burnt it to the ground and that's going back a few years! Jane is back in the Square again, this is getting confusing as every time I see her, I keep on thinking of her character in Waterloo Road and forgetting that Laurie Brett was in EastEnders as Jane Beale! Though will she and Massood become more than just good friends?

    I knew that it wasn't a good idea that Stacey returned to the Square, but now she is back she is wants to clear her name, yes another one of Janine's lies has come back to haunt her, cast your minds back and remember that it was Janine who stabbed Ryan not Stacey! Though the scheming manipulating monster decided to try to frame Stacey instead. I think that Janine's lies might just this time catch up with her and she'll be sentenced to life behind bars, where she belongs! Let's hope that justice prevails!

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    Comment number 3.

    I do not understand what goes through the mind of
    The writers on Eastenders. The story lines are absolutely
    Ridiculous. Please get a grip and give us descent,believable
    Stories that we can really believe and get behind the characters
    Involved. It is a load of tripe at the moment.

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    Comment number 4.

    No one stabbed Ryan, Janine stabbed herself and framed Stacey by grabbing her hand to hold the knife as it went into her. I want Stacey to come back but I want Janine to be found guilty!!
    Also I don't understand these people who watch things when they think the storylines are rubbish?! If the storylines get rubbish on a tv show I just don't watch it.

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    Comment number 5.

    Oh i don't want them to loose the twins


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