Photo spoiler: Charlie coffin dodges

Tuesday 18 March 2014, 00:01

 EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

It's a sad week for Walford as the residents come together to show their support for a mourning Dot.

Charlie, Ian, Patrick and Sharon

Ian's been asked to speak at Nick's funeral by Dot, but before the big day his true feelings about the deceased rise to the surface and he's asked to leave by a defensive Charlie.

Charlie and Les

Dot's determined to see her son's body one more time before the funeral, but Charlie appears uneasy and instructs undertaker Les to keep the lid closed at all costs... but what exactly is Nick's son so desperate to hide?

Dot and Charlie

Still clinging onto the idea of saying a proper goodbye to her wayward son, Dot is insistent that Charlie take her to the crematorium before Nick turns to ash - but will she make it on time, or does the mysterious copper have something up his sleeve to make Dot back down?

Phil and Sharon

Over at Sharon's new bar, the new landlady takes a pop at Phil for stirring things up at the funeral - although in nasty Nick's case, it's probably more difficult to keep quiet!

Aleks and Roxy

Roxy is delighted when Ronnie throws her a birthday bash at The Vic - but it also looks like a certain market inspector has given her another reason to keep that massive smile on her face...

Lauren, Johnny, Lucy

Lauren and Lucy are excited to start a property business together, with Lucy particularly keen to get things moving to show Ian she can be the businesswoman she's always promised to be.

However, things get off to a bumpy start when Lauren discovers that her alcoholic ex Jake is responsible for setting up their website. Could things go under for the friends before they even get started?

EastEnders airs these scenes and much, much more in FIVE episodes from Monday 24th March.


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    Comment number 1.

    I'm still hoping Nick isn't really dead the fact that Charlie don't want Dot to see his body brings a little more hope that he is still alive .I don't know why but I have a strange feeling Jake could be Lucy's killer but obviously I could be way off as the guessing games can't really begin until the murder has happened I suppose.

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    Comment number 2.

    I'm hoping Nick isnt dead too! I dont think he will be though or they would have let Dot see his body, would be awesome if they brought Nick back to the square for a bit.
    Poor Dot. June Brown is a legend though and i'm glad she is getting some stories!
    I think Lucy's death is going to be a bit like a Jonathan Creek episode, there will be ton of unusual clues but we wont fit them together until the very end. (can EE get Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin in to sum it all up in the end?)
    Also, why is Phil still with Sharon? He should be with Shirley...and also stop treating his partners as doormats. Would be nice to see Phil with someone solidly like Mick and Linda.

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    Comment number 3.

    lucy dies ?

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    Comment number 4.

    I'm still hoping that Nick isn't really dead. In fact, I don't think he is - but what is the deal with Charlie? Is that really even his name?

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    Comment number 5.

    My guess is that Nick has been put into the witness protection programme and that Charlie isn't really his son, that would explain why Dot isn't allowed to see the body, I am betting that at the funeral there will be an indication of someone watching, possibly Nick or someone after him, at some point he will turn up, scare the bejeebers out of Dot with the words "ello Ma".


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