Photo Spoiler: Snake, rattle and roll!

Tuesday 28 May 2013, 00:01

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When Bobby gets a new pet snake, Lucy is non too pleased, and tells him to get rid - pronto! Fatboy steps in to look after it, leaving it at Dot's, but when Poppy sees a dead mouse in the cage, she mistakes that for the pet and leaves the cage open!


Dot has an important meeting with the vicar, and is rattled, when she finds out there's a snake on the loose. Fatboy has a plan though, and moves her meeting to the B&B. With the help of Poppy, Jay and Dexter, the gang set about hunting down the slippery snake, but when a thorough search only turns up it's skin, they know it's still on the loose!


Over at the B&B, Dot's meeting with the vicar is going well. But, at a crucial moment, the snake appears from inside Dot's handbag! The vicar finds the situation far from hiss-terical, and poor Dot is left to wonder if she's made an asp of herself! Unfortunately, that's just the beginning of her problems...


Talking about snakes, Janine is at her sssscheming best again this week. Catching the stressed out Alice stealing one of her earrings, she discovers the truth about Alice spying for Michael.


Alice fears the worst, but Janine remains surprisingly clam, and tells her to arrange for Michael to meet them at the restaurant opening where he can see Scarlett. Alice is relieved, but it's clear that Janine is plotting something...


All initially seems civil, but after revealing the name of the restaurant to be 'Scarlett's', Janine informs a shocked Michael that she's leaving again, and the restaurant will be a constant reminder of what he is missing out on! It's a classic Janine move, and the devastaed Michael vents his anger on poor Alice. Will Janine really leave the Square again?


To see this week of super slithery snake action, tune in from Monday 3rd June!


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