Photo Spoiler: A snog for a Stone

Sunday 8 September 2013, 00:01

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With the Branning clan struggling for moolah while Max is otherwise engaged, Lauren tries to ease the burden by going for a cleaning job. Well, her sweeping technique must not be up to scratch, as she fails to land the position, leaving her distraught.

Feeling upset and low, Lauren turns to the one person she knows will understand what she's going through... Jake Stone.

Lauren Branning, Jake Stone

Jake invites her round to his ever so glamorous bedsit, and as they talk, it's not long before things start to heat up... *snoggage alert*!

Lauren Branning, Jake Stone Lauren Branning, Jake Stone

See Lauren and Jake get steamy on Friday 20th September.


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    Comment number 1.

    This kiss looks awkward, I can't see lot of chemistry there between these two and Jake is too old for Lauren!! Hopefully she'll see senses and get back with Joey soon!!!

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    Comment number 2.

    The show is still continuing to bring the same old people fighting and getting in with each other .Phil's car crash was a complete let down all the hype for nothink the viewing figures for that episode were no different than usual so obviously didn't interest many people I think Ronnie's return will bring in more viewers .I do like the fact that the current big storyline dosen't involve an affair for once and I am looking forward to the storylines a head from what I have read

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    Comment number 3.

    Lauren & Joey; Jake & Ronnie

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    Comment number 4.

    I knew this was gonna happen!! By the way, isn't he too old for her?

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    Comment number 5.

    blog123. I think the car crash was okay but not as good as I thought it will be. I think the reason it didn't get a lot of viewers is that the advert for the event was boring, had a bit of talking then showed carl and phil in a fast car, how are viewers going to know there is going to be a crash?

    The Jake and Lauren storyline looks boring. I bet lauren will cheat on jake with joey. They will either make up or break up. That's what normally happens...

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    Comment number 6.

    Is this a flash in the pan moment, or has it got legs? Will this lead to a new relationship for Lauren at exactly the right time? Let's hope so, as I think it's about time that Lauren had someone new in her life so that she stops following Joey around like a lost lamb! It is clear to me that Joey is no longer interested in Lauren, and that their relationship is over in the true sense of the word!

    It will be interesting to see how this storyline develops, and whether Lauren finds happiness with Jake who remember knows what she has gone through. Good luck Lauren!

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    Comment number 7.

    @LaptopCharlieB, I think you're wrong and Joey still cares for Lauren,as we will see in upcoming episodes (according to spoilers) he made a mistake by sleeping with Whitney and he knows it but deep down the only person he cares about and still loves is Lauren!! Don't think she could find happiness with Jake who's supposed to be married and is far too old for her!!!

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    Comment number 8.

    @JEastment, I'm not sure about Joey and lauren. He doesn't seem to care about her at all. There have been no storylines with the two of them together since she confronted him and whitney in the club. If he really cared, surely he would try and put it right? and what about whitney... she was supposed to be laurens best friend but hasnt been seen tryng to make it up to lauren. I am beginning to think lauren is better of without joey. i mean he had a thing with lucy as soon as lauren left and then slept with whitney. I am not sure about this Jake though as he does seem too old for her, plus he is married, but who knows. At least he understands wht lauren s going to (which is what she needs right now).

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    Comment number 9.

    i meant @lisopaine

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    Comment number 10.

    @lilstar1, agree with you, they didn't have scenes together recently mainly because Joey has been off screen for a while now which is a shame and Lauren focused on her recovery and now her dad's troubles but if you've read the spoilers for the future weeks you probably know that they will have another moment and there is something else with Joey asking Jack for some extra work to help the girls to pay their bills while their Dad's in jail, showing he really cares. Joey didn't have a chance to explain himself since Lauren found out for him and Whitney. I don't believe one seconde in Jake, I find him creepy and again too old for Lauren!

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    Comment number 11.

    Eastenders, it`s good Joey is back now. But I am surprised how little airtime you give him. He is popular, and deserve so much more, and it's time that he and Lauren get back together. The Jake / Lauren story is just tragic, if it do not have anything to do with Joey becom jealous etc. So he must fight a little, I would love to see a jealous Joey who will fight for Lauren. But I think anyway Jake is too old for Lauren and is a bit creepy. So hope you have a good plan with this Eastenders!!

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    Comment number 12.

    look!! Lauren and joey are cousins there never getting back together, and even if they do get back together what are they going to do? get married and don't have kids cause if you guys don't know there blood related so if they do decide to ridiculously get start to settle down and have a family they would have to deal with hereditary diseases increases if parents are close

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    Comment number 13.

    Nahh! Lauren and Joey all the way!! They will reunite and be happy because they are so much better and happy when they are together!!!
    And Jake is too old for Lauren, The kiss looks awkward I think Lauren is trying to make Joey jealous and I hope he fights for her because Joey and Lauren are meant to be together and there is not room for Jake, Lauren belongs with Joey!!!

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    Comment number 14.

    OMG that guy looks scary. Wasn't he that guy from Hollyoaks, he looks like bad news. Anyway, I thought Joey and Lauren would possibly get back together again, but Joey is flirting with Ronnie, hahahahaha. Anyway, I can understand why Lauren is depressed, I would be too on top of everything else doing a cleaning job is depressing on its own anyway. well im looking forward to seeing that. Interesting. Enjoy.


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