Coming up this week on EastEnders: New Year, new problems

Monday 7 January 2013, 15:37

Nickie L Nickie L

Coming up Week 2 Coming up Week 2

New Year, new problems... A mysterious stranger appears in the Square, causing issues between Abi and Jay. What do you think of the new boy?

Kim and Denise fall out over scheming Ray. Who would you believe?

Sharon and Jack announce their engagement. Has she made the right decision?

Discuss these and any other topics that tickle your fancy in the comments section below.


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    Comment number 1.

    I think Sharon and jack should be together phil may have won before but who cares about the past jack and Sharon belong together phil is so horrible he has made himself a pyramid and put himself on top I feel so sorry for poor Lola he is leaving her out !!! I think Denise and ray could really be together to I know it was just one kiss but I could sort of picture it about and ray belong together so I hope there is no change in that ! At the moment I am loving the laren and joey storyline keep them together please!! It says that she might not come out the other end??? Does that mean Shea going to die in the spring ? I hope not and as for her binge drinking they need to cut it out they are ruining the story's with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Max and Tanya need to be together they have been through so much and gotten so far ! Michael likes her anyway so why not pair them up jasmine might come back and she loves him but he never loves her so there is no point trying !!!!!!! Alfie and Roxy and so good together I know it is probably rebound love but they are my second fab couple (after Lauren and joey ) Kay doesn't deserve another chance I hope she leaves I don't see why everyone is upset about Derek as they hated him so much especially joey wot is up with him??

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    Comment number 2.

    i would love it to have a massive twist where Sharon ends up marring phil ! I would also like abbie to stay with jay and denise and ray to get together. I really think they would make a lovely item but I would not make it too easy to guess what happens. I think that phill should come around for lola and she should go and live with him. joey should deffo stay and get together with laren.

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    Comment number 3.

    The mysterey boy is abi's cousin ava's son. i really want kirsty to go i think if ma starts an affair with kirsty he is going too be my worst character I LOVE TANYA! I REALLY HOPE MAX MAKES KIRSTY GO BEFORE HE RUNINS THERE FAMILEY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i can't wait for janine to come back she comes back soon! and i really want jake moon to return!

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    Comment number 4.

    Cool can,t wait xx

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    Comment number 5.

    Seriously I can NOT wait till next week. I would really like it if Max stays with Tanya


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