Photo spoilers: Who will Heather choose?

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Shirl or Andrew?

Andrew waits with bated breath to see if Heather will choose him over Shirley. The state the flat is in we're surprised he's not running for the hills to escape death by laundry!

Friends to the end?

"It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship," goes the song, but it's not a ditty you'll hear in Walford, this week. Heather tells Shirley she can't get married without her, but Shirl says she's not her friend anymore - so, there!

Stand by your man

Phil tells Shirley that he understands if she can't wait for him, but like a Pit Bull with a bone (head) our Shirl is determined to stand by her man.

Welcome home

Nothing says welcome like a nice slice of, erm, curry. Billy and co forgo the traditional cake and candles for an extra hot vindaloo. You'd have thought Phil would have had enough Argee Bhajee of late.

Question time

Ben and Jay are questioned by the police. Who will crack first? Or will they both cut the mustard when it comes to keeping schtum?

Clothes maketh the man

Ben and Jay have their clothes taken away for forensic testing. Leaving Ben a bit miffed - he's not sure this getup is really his style.

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