Photo Spoiler: Dexter's smashing time

EastEnders Blog Team

Dexter and Jay have finally finished work on the car they've been doing up, and it's ready for sale. But, despite their best hopes, the second hand car market in Walford is not booming. After hearing about the lack of interest, Sam makes Jay an offer he can't refuse. Knowing Dexter won't be happy, Jay accepts but tries to keep the buyer a secret from his partner.

Weeeell, that lasts all of five minures! Dexter figures out that something is not right with the deal, and he soon learns the truth from a guilty Ava. Enraged, he does his best Incredible Hulk impression and smashes the car with a metal pole! A shocked Ava and Sam can only look on, unable to calm him down.

I bet he's gonna regret that afterwards! To see Dexter have a smashing time, catch the episode on the 6th June.


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