"I had braces and glasses at school!": David Witts interview

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We caught up with David Witts aka Joey Branning aka Inside Soap Awards' Sexiest Male as voted by YOU the public, to find out how he feels about his new hunk status...

How do you feel about winning Sexiest Male award at the Inside Soap Awards?

Absolutely ridiculous, I disagree entirely with the decision. I definitely think you could have found a better looking male. Maybe my mum voted for me a thousand times. That's probably what it was...

Do you feel uncomfortable being called a soap hunk?
I don't know how to take that term when people say it to me, because I've never been a hunk in any aspect of my life, so when people say it to me, I always question them, make sure they've got the right person!

Were you not considered a hunk at school?
No, not in the slightest, I had braces and glasses and long hair!

Do you often work out, what's your work out regime?
I've been training for about 5 years now, just as a hobby. Everyone says that it's a bit much, as I train 5 times a week, but it's just a hobby, everyone's got a hobby… I do weight lifting, body building. I train with a guy called Chris Jones who is British No. 1. He teaches me a lot, he's very good.

What has the reaction from the girls on the street been?
Sometimes you get the odd screaming girl here or there but I don't know what to do in those situations… I'm just a normal human being - I don't understand when people are screaming at me or hyperventilating...

What's the weirdest thing a girl fan has done?
There's nothing that sticks out, a lot of them say, oh give us a kiss, give us a kiss, that sort of stuff, but other than that they've been generally quite well behaved… so far!

Any marriage proposals?
No, no, not yet.

What would you like to say to the fans that voted for you?
Bless you all for voting, that's really very sweet of you, thank you very much!

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