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Who's stalking Phil?

Phil's losing his cool as the stalking campaign continues. And Billy loses his as well. Has Phil Mitchell met his match? Or will he regain the upper hand? Have you figured out who is stalking Phil?

Alfie and Kat. Can they get it back?

And as Alfie turns on the lights in The Vic, has Kat forgotten who she's supposed to be kissing under the mistletoe? Kat and Alfie are so right for each other. Why isn't it working anymore?

Don't do it, Zainab!

As Zainab's wedding day approaches, we hope hope hope that she'll come to her senses. Looks like Afia finally has at least...

Snack brrrrrr-eak

Ice creams!? In this weather? They said Derek was a hardman but this is just ridiculous. Have a nice hot cup of tea like the rest of us...

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