Episode discussion for week starting 30 January

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"If we don't give him all his money, he is going to kill us..."

Tyler and Anthony have picked the wrong person to owe money to. Will Derek be reasonable about their financial difficulties..? Now, what do you think??

Lucy's catfight #42

*probably... well she's no stranger to a bit of an argy bargy. So what's at the root of this sudden outburst of jealousy from Whit? Would it have anything to do with a certain Tyler Moon? If you were Whit, what would you do? What's to become of Fitney??

Andrew loves Heather

It's about time that Heather found someone who deserves her. But it looks like Kim's got her eyes on the prize... And what about Kimba? Anyone fancy popping down the community centre for a class - because we think it looks like the most fun ever...

Discuss these topics and anything else that tickles your fancy in the comments section below!

And finally... a guessing game... who do you think says this?

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