Photo spoilers: Crime doesn't pay - or does it?

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Week commencing 3 October 2011

Stand by me?

Caught disposing of the evidence after his latest attack on Phil, Ben gets a stern talking-to from Christian. Can Christian rein in the maverick Mitchell? Looks like he's the perfect shoulder to cry on at least...

Key player?

When Eddie sees the opportunity to unlock a brighter future, Vanessa seems a safe bet to help out. Let's hope for their sake that Vanessa and crime are a winning combination. Okay, you probably saw what we did there...

Gateau-t of my face!

At a high-profile council event, a pompous official makes a pass at Mandy. Cake in hand, Ian makes it quite eclaire that the man's lewd remarks really take the biscuit!

Mean to Dean

Tyler plays it cool when Whit wants a kiss. Why is he giving her the brush-off?

Get out of (not) my pub!

Patrick and Phil square up over Ben's latest antics - leading the latter to resort to extreme measures. And not the ones you pour from a bottle either! What happens next?

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