Photo spoilers: Crime and passion

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Week commencing 28 February 2011: New faces and past misdemeaners threaten to shake up the Square this week.

Just what the doctor ordered?

Masood's usually the one to play away from home, but is Zainab thinking about getting extra-marital with her ex? Yusef does seem rather hands-on...

Stop the press

No, really, stop them now! Denise gets mobbed by the media as she prepares for Lucas's sentencing. The poor woman must feel trapped inside her own home - and knows more than most about what that's like....

Mixed signals

As Alfie babysits a new arrival in Walford, he wonders if he's in tune with the youth of today... Or are his comments falling on deaf ears when it comes to little Shenice?

Mum's the word

Glenda comforts Ronnie after a revealing encounter at a local church. But has Ronnie revealed too much about her terrible secret?

Hot stuff!

Well, that's how Abi seems to feel about Jay. The only thing that seems to be raising his temperature at the moment, however, is a chip. Guess she's still got some work to do...

Pointing the finger

It's all kicking off at the B&B! Zainab looks shamed as Masood lays into Yusef about his family's treatment of Zainab. But has he got his facts right?

Daylight robbery?

Criminal masterminds Glenda and Roxy obviously think there's safe-ty in numbers as they hatch a cunning plan to fleece Phil for stealing Roxy's cash.

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