Thoroughly modern Tanya

Now then, now then, is this what we think it is? Is Tanya proposing to make an honest man of Max? At least we hope that's Max...

And what's this!? Is someone putting something in the Walford water?

Last week Mas and Zee, this week Tan and Max and... Jay and Abi next? Pardon us for saying , but Abi doesn't look as overjoyed as we'd be if the love of our teenage life went down on one knee for us...

Don't mess with my man

While the Kat was away, the Roxy tried to play... but by the look of Mrs Moon's body language, we think playtime might be over... What do you think?

"Pssst I like your new fringe"

Something tells us that those aren't sweet nothings Derek's whispering into Kat's ear. Actually, please don't ever let us in on Derek's chat-up lines. Too. Terrifying.

This charming man

While Lucy tries desperately to hold it together, Derek makes it as difficult as he possibly can for her. Where is Ian?

Who's the boss?

Yay! The one woman (person?) who Derek actually cares about? Can he make it work? Or will Alice see through her daddy dearest?

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