On set with... Zoe Lucker

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As the uber-polished Zoe Lucker gracefully walked towards me for her chat, not only did she look bright, summery and very elegant, but her cheerful smile brightened even the dullest backstage corridor.

The June sunshine was out to play, as Zoe talked with ease about her day (ooh that rhymes), from arriving at the studios to sharing scenes with Jake and Jo as Vanessa Gold.

Watch the goooooorrrrgeous Zoe in action (a stone's throw from the legendary Arthur's bench):

What she also talked about:

  • Throwing a bit of black over her 'oh-so-white' outfit that day.
  • Setting her hair in rollers for preened Vanessa.
  • The make up routine, with a close-up of her perfect pout.
  • How the actors like to sit outside together in the sun inbetween takes.
  • That it's a "professional, fun place to work."

Here's some vids we filmed earlier...

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