There's no place like home for Sharon...

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In a hugely dramatic week featuring a whopping seven episodes, it's clear that there's no place like home for both Sharon and EastEnders - as they both return to BBC One.

After seven years away, Walford's original princess explodes onto Albert Square in a whirlwind of trouble. She's in desperate need of Phil's help, but whilst Phil attempts to rescue Sharon from her nightmare, he is unaware that his is only just beginning - as Shirley uncovers the truth about who killed Heather!

"An exciting week packed full of dramatic twists and turns lies ahead for the audience and the justice they have been desperately waiting for has finally arrived," revealed EastEnders' Executive Producer, Lorraine Newman.

Sharon will be back on our screens during the week commencing 13th August 2012. Full details of dates and times will be announced soon. We may not reveal exactly what's in her enormous handbag, however...

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