Daddy Derek

When Derek confronts the harmless looking young lady who's been following him all day, he isn't prepared for what she has to say... Welcome to Walford, Alice!

Oops she did it again!

After a girls' night out (which Lucy would like to forget and Lauren can't rememer) Lucy spills the beans about Miss Branning's antics. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?

Young Love

Whitney and Tyler have some early relationship teething problems. She missed her night out with Lucy and Lauren to try and patch things up. Will she mange it? And what is that she's holding?!

A land far, far away...

Ray is understandably unimpressed when he finds out that Carol's taking Morgan to live near Bianca (in prison). Does he take Derek's advice and ask Morgan if he wants to stay or go?

Home truths

When Roxy tries to ease the tension between the Mitchell boys, Phil loses it. Is he going to be first to crack under the continuing pressure?

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