When Tamwar works out that Whitney’s behind the “Rot in hell” card he found at Lucy’s funeral, he confronts her…

She’s distraught and reveals that Lucy regularly sent her texts containing “friendly advice” about her appearance - she’s very much taken the criticism to heart.

The depth of her hurt is clear and she confides in Tamwar. She really hated Lucy but she never wished her or the Beales any harm.

So what’s made the normally sweet and kind-hearted girl behave so appallingly?

As the victim of cyberbullying, the upsetting texts made Whitney feel powerless and unable to defend herself. But there are things that you can do to deal with unwanted messages and posts on social networks if you’re in a similar situation.

In this short film, Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney, explains the things you can do if you, or someone you care about, is facing online abuse.

Shona McGarty, Whitney in EastEnders, shares her tops tips for dealing with online abuse.

For further details of where you can find support visit BBC WebWise.



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