20:45: That was some rollercoaster ride! It was over so fast, we had some twists and turns, but the adrenalin drove everyone through... Brilliant. Let's go again! Maybe in another few years.

Ajesson on Twitter: "Can you believe that Stacey killed Archie? Did not see that coming. The EastEnders cast were amazing for not messing up!"

20:42: Send in your questions to the Exec Producer, Diederick, and we'll put them to him on Monday... did you enjoy it? What do you want to know? Let us know on here, Twitter and Facebook. Just add

#eastenders and #askdiederick to your tweets. Boooootiful.

20:40: How could Stacey let Bradders go through all that stress! Why, why, why??!! He's a gonna now. *welling up*. Watch our quiz with Charlie Clements... his last interview on Bradders. He even fashions the nut-allergic's wardrobe.

Don't forget to tune into LIVE EASTENDERS: THE AFTERMATH on BBC Three now.

20:34: And there was me thinking it was Max!!!! Fabulooouuus. I. AM. SHOCKED. TOO.

*Louise takes over*


20:30: Oh no Bradley fell. Blood! I'm nearly crying!

20:25: Oooh a video trip down Walford memory lane round the Beales. Sharon! Michelle! Den! Ange! Weenie Ian! What a nice touch for the 25th anniversary. Oh what a quarter century it's been.... anyway BACK TO WHODUNNIT NOW

Comagirlx on Twitter: "I want to give Bradley a hug!!!!!!!!!!" So do we Comagirlx. I'm sure if we could give him hugs we could make it all better...

20:20: Oh no, Stacey and Bradley. I can hardly bare it! They're only young. They deserve a life together! Oh whyyyyyyyyyyyy!? Berlimey, Bradley left the passports behind or so he says.. we know he really left the iron on. STOP EVERYTHING. FIRE HAZARD!

20.13: Don't go Stace and Bradders! Don't leavvvveeeeeeee!! Halfway through and there's everything to play for.... and herrrrrre's Marsden!

20.10: Hoorah! Furnisher-smashing and kitchen dismantling round the Beales! Phil, you're a dangerous man. Can you flush Ian's head down the toilet again now, please.

20.08: Roxy - "how do you know he did it?" Ronnie - "because he's done it before." gah!!!! meanwhile, DON'T RUN BRADLEEEEEYYYYY!!!!

20.03: Ugh... poor Roxy, finding out that her dad was a good-for-nothing evil so-and-so. BUT WHO KILLED HIM!?

20.01: Ooooh it's happening RIGHT NOW as I live and breathe!

*Nickie_L takes over*

19:59: I've just seen Diederick (Exec Producer) smiling. The man knows too much! Not long to go now though lovely people... the theme tune will beginning in a matter of seconds! *hyperventilating even more*.

19:45: Well, well, well. 'Who killed Archie' is the biggest trend on Twitter. We're all overtaking the woooorrrld. Can you imagine if Archie survived? Vicky the bust wouldn't be famous. It was worth it.

19:30: The cast are now congregating in the Vic... quick pee runs please. Get the bouts of flatulence out of the way. Burp to high heaven.

RocketingRotars via Twitter: "It was Mrs Peacock, with the revolver in the study." Not Mrs White? I always thought she was a sly one.

19:10: *Hyperventilating* Under one hour to go! Don't forget to watch EASTENDERS LIVE: THE AFTERMATH which starts straight after the programme for a whole hour on BBC Three. George Lamb will be capturing all the drama and excitement behind the scenes. Larry's son will be grilling the cast and gauging their reactions on who the murderer is.

Eastendersforever from this blog: "IT WAS TAMWAR!!!!!!!!!!!" Hmmm. Not sure on that one. Perhaps he used his comedy act on him... the wit on that lad.

18:49: Just seen only one of the longest-running extras in EastEnders' history... WINSTON! He just said hello to me with a big grin... and looking very dapper I may add. We LOVE Winston!

18:20: What's happened!? The stomping of footsteps has severely reduced. The microphone calling has stopped... and the rainbow of party outfits rushing to and fro on various cast members have vanished. One crew member sings whilst chomping on an apple; "It's all sooo quiet..". Tis great, but slightly eerie.

The cast are going through their final rehearsal... and I can't see any of it. Damn it. Roll on 20:00!!

Cupcake_77 from Twitter: Getting very excited for tonight. I think it was Ronnie... can't wait to find out!

Alberta Nika disagrees on Facebook: "Honestly, I don't have a clue however its going to be someone so obvious, or someone who you won't expect it to be :), but I have a feeling it's Jack or Tracy."

Only two hours to go until we all find out! *starts getting delirious*. Put us out of our misery.

17:32: The whole of the cast and crew have just posed happily in the studio where the Vic is built. Diederick said a few lines too - he's "very excited!" That's an understatement. I'm ready to collapse! They're now calling the cast for a "company call". Brilliant. (This is the part of the ride where you get giddy and feel a bit sick).

16:40: Legend, Barbara Windsor (Peggy) is in da hooouuuse! She reveals that she isn't nervous... she's petrified (WHAT?!!!). She explains that it's nothing like doing theatre. She's also so glad to be a part of the 25th anniversary.

Wanna know what she got up to last night when she got in? Her old man asked her to sit down, have a cuppa and watch last night's episode. She did, and she got emotional - she says she can't believe she's a part of the show. Well, she is and she's fabulous! Don't leave, Babs. And "Stacey" is her choice on whodunnit... she doesn't think Peggy did it.

16:26: Diederick, the Exec Producer is strolling about. He's so calm. Does he not know that there's a LIVE episode tonight? Someone tell him.

16:20: The lovely Jane Slaughter who plays Tracy the barmaid reckons that if she'd 'dunnit' she may have knocked the bust off of the bar and onto Archie's bonce by dusting. That's some vigorous hand-action, gal! She'd also like to go on a night out on the town with Sharon Watts. 'Oh whatta niiight!'

16:08: Aaaawww. Jamie B just told us how he watched his video last night and really liked it. If you haven't see it - check it out on our 25th anniversary page.

From louise_g_x on Twitter: "My money's on baby George!!!! But I think it could be Ryan."

15:36: Diane Parish (Denise) and Tiana (Chelsea) have been browsing through our fetching snaps of faaaaamilies over the years. Both of them are looking very pretty. Diane points out she has no make-up on yet. But, you look fab to me, love.

15:20: Cliff Parisi (Minty) is in good spirits and keeps popping in to say hello. He's also rounding the troops to come into the diary room... we love 'im.

14:59: Ooooh Charlie Jones (latest suspect, Ben) has just sat himself into our comfy chair - if he was to play any other character apart from Ben... it would be Dirty Den! Rock on.

14:25: Neil McDermott (Ryan) has just walked into the diary room to share his thoughts. He says he's not nervous. What!!?? And what three words describe EastEnders to him? "Cockney, shouting and geezers."

14:10: Crew with head microphones are pacing the corridors. Perry Fenwick meanwhile is chilling in front of the box. Glad to know he's not letting this live lark get to him.

13:51: Wowsers. It seems like a lot of you on our Facebook page think it could have been wayward Sean Slater who did the dirty deed. The plot thickens.

Adam Beale on Facebook: It was Sean!! He was hiding behind a curtain in the Vic during the Christmas episode."

13:36: So the sun may have his hat on, but it's freeeeeeeezing here in Elstree. You may well be seeing some chattering teeth later.

Karl D on Facebook says: "I think Archie accidentally killed himself." Hhmm. Was he not holding the snow globe at the same time? Perhaps he has four hands. Crafty.

13:00: Make-up and costume will be applied and worn from 15:00. That's when butterflies may be kicking in. I'll be finding out how nervous they all are and will let you know.

12:44: I'll be mixing wih the cast and crew today to bring you all pics and informations on what's happening. Oooh, it will be like a rollercoaster ride. Or, perhaps just a drive out with Janine at the wheel. Seatbelts on please.

12:00: It's all go here already. BBC Breakfast interviewed past cast members Gillian Taylforth (Kathy Mitchell) and Martin Kemp (Steve Owen) earlier. Both of them re-lived their experiences of being on the soap and Steve said: " When I was here it was a competition to see who could get that doof doof moment." Well, who's going to win that competition tonight, eh? Ooooh, the excitement.

From Aiysha319 on Twitter: "I think Tracy killed Archie! I'm probably gonna change my mind soon. :)"

11:50: Guess what? The sun has popped out from the dull, ashen clouds here at Elstree. Let's hope it stays that way for EastEnders' 25th birthday. No rain dances please.

11:30: Today's the day of the LIVE episode! Hooray! And... OMG. Today's also the day we hear the doof doof of all doof doofs... who the hell killed Archie Mitchell!!??

Send in your whodunnit thoughts, questions and queries to us throughout the day. We'll be adding some of the best comments on here. Send 'em via this blog, Twitter or Facebook. All you need to do is put #whokilledarchie (no queston marks 'ere, guv) and #eastenders in your tweets. Thanking you.

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  • Comment number 257. Posted by vkolotilov

    on 8 Jan 2011 10:49

    All this user's posts have been removed. Why?

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  • Comment number 256. Posted by U14717710

    on 10 Dec 2010 16:06

    HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to you and i hope there are a lot more years to come. Last night the Live show was AMAZING and i think all of the actors where absolutly FANTASTIC. How on earth you kept that a secret for as long as you did i will never know but well done and this has had me gripped since Christmas. I have watched the show since 1988 and been hooked to it and now i've seen the history in the making. I was not sure who KILLED him it was a toss up between Peggy and Ronnie as they both had real motives and the way Peggy acted once she was told that Archie was dead she seemed even more guilty, poor Roxy everyone knew she was heart broken when he died and Rita really did a BRILLANT job last night on the live show, showing real emotion brillant. WOW the ending last night had me on the edge of my seat i was really hoping that Bradley might have lived until monday but Charlie Clements did an AMAZING job and made it look really easy to do LOVED IT Bradley will be sadly missed and good look to Charlie Clements on his next venture. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LIVE ENDING DUFF DUFF's WITH STACEY SLATER I WOULD never have guessed and what a real twist to the whole storyline i look forward to seeing the events unfold. THANK YOU ALL AT ELSTREE AND EASTENDERS AND THE BBC FOR THE BEST LIVE SOAP I HAVE SEEM ON BRITISH TV

    Best regards, Yuriy, CEO of youtube downloader

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  • Comment number 255. Posted by Socratess

    on 20 Oct 2010 14:59

    It's been just over a month since she left and I'm missing Babs. Eastenders just isn't the same without her. Wish you teh best of luck as the Queen of Bingo.. but maybe your'll come back to The Square?

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  • Comment number 253. Posted by Meg89

    on 21 Feb 2010 23:29

    Where did Stacey get her wedding dress from for her second wedding to Bradders - have been looking everywhere and have had no luck! If anyone knows please,please let me know.

    Well done to all who took part in the live episode, Lacey and Charlie where amazing, shame to see Charlie go!!

    Thanks xxx

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  • Comment number 252. Posted by gudrun_maastricht

    on 21 Feb 2010 17:00

    i screamed so loud my cat came running. i live in the netherlands and i am a big fan, sadley here they do not know what i am talking about. but wow what an episode

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  • Comment number 251. Posted by LadyPutt

    on 21 Feb 2010 16:03

    How can people be congratulating the cast on their acting? It was terrible! All they seemed to do was shout and pull faces. And as for those who say cried when Bradley died, haven't you been reading the papers and magazines (or maybe you can't read and confuse fiction with reality)? Charlie Clements said some months ago that he was leaving EE and so they had to write him out. At least he won't be able to make a return when he discovers he can't get any other work (because he's actually quite a good actor unlike many others) as so many of the others have done and are about to do. EE has really lost its way in recent months.

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  • Comment number 250. Posted by Stranded

    on 21 Feb 2010 14:34

    Just joined!
    I can't believe how excited / nervous I was before the live episode went out, love it! The BBC3 show after was brilliant as well!

    All the old clips that have been shown over the past week or so just remind me how much I've forgotten!? That's probably me age!

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  • Comment number 249. Posted by EastEndersfanever

    on 21 Feb 2010 12:12

    Bradley gets killed off (i feel so upset) for him and stacey!! xx

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  • Comment number 248. Posted by Ella Ferris

    on 20 Feb 2010 21:39

    Wow, what a show! Was astonished about poor 'ginger winger' Bradley! Aw, how could Stacey do that. I always had her down as the cute one with the vigorous temper, but Dierderick Santer should be standing proud. Apart from the odd hiccups (oops!) you were all brilliant.And Rita and Samantha, what an amazing heart to heart! See you lot soon and if any of you see Kara or Joe give them my love! X

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