Photo spoilers: Gold rings and dancing queens

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Week commencing 13 June 2010

So you think you can dance?

No, it's not the latest incarnation of the Sugababes, but Mercy, Afia and Jodie strutting their stuff ahead of Afia's big wedding. We really hope Tamwar hasn't got two left feet!

Pat-ching things up?

Pat's disowned Janine for her dirty deeds on more than one occasion, but when a not entirely unexpected family tragedy strikes she's there with a hug for Frank's little girl. Let's hope she won't need to provide an alibi too.

Holy Maxtrimony

Judging by that sparkler, Max looks ready to move on from Tanya and take the plunge with Vanessa. We just hope that ring is gold! (Did you see what we did there?)

Mercy mission

Fatboy's on the defensive as he prepares to fight to keep his wife in the country.

Pull the other one!

Eddie if still figuring out which buttons to press when it comes to impressing Carol Jackson. Will he hit the jackpot this time? Go on, take a gamble Eddie!

Confession time

An unexpected encounter between Michael and Roxy leads to an empotional confession. What dark secrets are revealed?

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