Episode discussion for week 15 - 19 August

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It's all about secrets, snogs and retribution this week. Just how we like it...

And while it's all kicking off in the Square, kick off the episode debate with us below! What do you think of this week's drama?

But before you start reading - be warned, this post contains spoilers!

Monday 15th August - 8pm

Vanessa's finally found out the truth about Max and Tanya, but resolves to calmly move on and hold no grudges...


She has to be restrained by three people from trashing Max's house after a confrontation with Tanya. But where is Max?

Meanwhile, Lauren and Ryan get serious. Is their relationship built to last?

Tuesday 16th August - 7.30pm

Carol has competition for Eddie's attention. Would you dare to nick Carol's man? We wouldn't...

Meanwhile, Ian has several ladies vying for his attention. Why try to start a stable, honest relationship, when you can just con your way into one, eh?

Thursday 18th August - 7.30pm

Tanya awaits her test results... on her own. Should she confide in Lauren and Abi, or have her daughters had enough to deal with lately?

Elsewhere, Lauren and Ryan are in trouble with the Old Bill. But with Tanya and Whitney threatening to wreck their relationship, that's not the least of their worries...

Friday 19th August - 8pm

It's the day of the charity fete, but who will be the Pearly Queen of Norman's heart?

Meanwhile, Whitney shares a kiss with Lee... but he may not be all that he seems...

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