Photo spoilers: Mess-up, mothers and magic moves

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Week commencing 27 December 2010:

The festivities are over, but there are still parties, preparations and problems for the residents of Walford. Here's hoping for a better year in 2011....

In a spin

The wheels have come off Connor's plans - and he's looking very twitchy. Is Phil about to, er, fill him in? Never mess with a Mitchell, especially in a workshop full of sharp implements...

It's a kinda magic?

Dot seems to be wowing the kids (big and small) with some impressive moves. Is it charades, a magic trick or even a soft shoe shuffle?

Mums to be

Kat and Ronnie prepare for for the births of their babies, little knowing what heartache lies ahead...

Making a splash

A little accident sends Tiffany running to the launderette. Can Shirley andf Heather bail her out?


Ronnie accepts a gift of baby clothes from Jean. But why the tears, Mrs Slater?

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