'Allo Princess'- Sharon's coming home!

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Everyone's favourite East End princess is due to make a return to Albert Square later this year.

Sharon Watts, as played by actress Letitia Dean, was one of the show's original characters when EastEnders hit our screens in 1985.

The adopted daughter of Den and Angie Watts, Sharon grew up under the watchful eye of the Queen Vic's bust.

After marrying Grant and then having an affair with Phil (oops!) she fled Walford in one of EastEnders' highest rating episodes in 1994.

Sharon returned to Walford's famous boozer taking the helm as landlady in 2001. When Sharon 'Rickman' departed the Square in 2006, following the death of her latest husband Dennis Rickman, she was pregnant with his child. What will be in store for her in 2012?!

Letitia Dean says of her return: "I am really looking forward to being part of the EastEnders team again, as it has always been very close to my heart. I cannot wait to work with my old colleagues."

Bryan Kirkwood, EastEnders' Executive Producer added: "I'm thrilled that Letitia is coming back home to Albert Square where she belongs. Sharon is a real favourite amongst EastEnders fans and I for one can't wait until she arrives back next summer".

Neither can we Bryan! How exciting...

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