Rita Simons goes Beyond Walford

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Rita just can't get enough of pulling pints and chatting to punters, as she's been working in a real East End boozer for BBC Three programme Beyond Walford. That's the spirit love.

The actress, who plays Roxy, spends a week running a bar... just like the Queen Vic (hopefully not burnt out though). How will she fare in a real life East End boozer? Does she pour a good pint? Can she change a barrel? And does she listen to the regulars as they drown their sorrows?

Rita says: "I'm really enjoying filming Beyond Walford, it's been a real insight seeing what it's like to run a real pub. I just hope I don't get carried away and start barring people like Roxy does!"

Let's hope she does.

The 60 minute programme will air later this year.

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