Will Heather forgive Ben?

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The secret's finally out of the bag… Ben has come clean to Heather (and the rest of the Square) that he IS Kevin68. Poor Hev.

That was the problem with Hev's internet dating experience - she never knew if she was having a real romance!

Broken-hearted Hev goes off on one tonight for being "stupid old Heather" and believing someone could possibly love her. Both Ben and Hev's friendship will surely be on rocky grounds.

Hev and Ben take up their positions for a new dance routine to 'Freedom'

Isn't it weird how throughout their 'web affair' the two may find they have much more in common than they think.

Let's just do a quick tick list of why it might be worth saving their friendship:

  1. Both like soppy films (check)
  2. Enjoy eighties music (check)
  3. Love a Cheddar and pickle sarnie (check)
  4. Both feel alone (check!)

But the real question we want to know is... what has Ben really been playing at? A closer look into one of Kevin68's emails (now just schoolboy Ben) *thumbs down* will surely give us a clue:

"It's so easy to feel lonely even if you're in a crowded place. I feel the same. Doesn't matter how many people are about, it's like you're invisible. It's good to talk about it. Perhaps we can heal the pain together."

Hev may have her Freedom, but will her friendship with Ben take a turn for the worse? What do you think?

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