Week commencing 23 January 2012

You're barred!

Things are looking up for Phil. Sorry, we mean locking up! He's on his way to meet a visitor though. Who could it be? And have they brought him the obligatory cake with a file in it?

Mind games

With Phil out of the picture, Derek seizes an opportunity to seduce Ben with tales of his shady past. Can Darth Derek push Ben further to the dark side?

Give me a sign

Does Mandy want her name up in lights the was Ian's mum used to have hers? We hear she's about to tap her future hubby for an expensive item - but what's it going to be?

Pause for thought?

Lucy wonders if her dad is remotely serious about his latest extravagance. Mandy may know how to push Ian's buttons, but Lu's really seeing red at the way her dad's being manipulated.

Whorra Lauren drama

Lauren's life has been unraveling for a while, but Tanya and Max have been slow to realise it....

Now she reveals that she's quitting school. But how will she feel when her parents only agree on condition that she starts work in the salon? ... And how many dodgy hair extensions will it take for her to get the sack?

Dish of the day

Lunch at the Masoods goes well for Anthony, but what tall stories has he been cooking up to impress them with? Amira's going to have a lot on her plate keeping him in check.

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