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Phil Mitchell's banged up in jail. And you're going with him…

With just the push of a button (the Red Button on your remote control that is), prepare to enter a world behind bars. And we don't mean the ones in the Vic and R&R.

On Monday 12th March at 8.30pm, straight after that night's episode finishes on TV, join us for an exclusive look into what life's been like on the inside for Phil.

Framed by beastly Ben for Stella Crawford's murder on his birthday, Phil was carted away by the police and locked up. While the rest of the Mitchell family work on how to get him out, you can get an exclusive glimpse into what life inside has been like for Phil.

He's given the task of showing new young prisoner Devon (Tobi Bakare) the ropes, but when Devon clashes with the prison's dangerous top dog, Craig Jenkins (Glenn Doherty), how far is Phil prepared to go to save someone else? The red button is sure to reveal all.

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