Photo spoilers: Hits and misses

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Week commencing 21 March 2011: We predict a rocky road ahead for the residents of Albert Square next week. Who'll be punching the air - and who'll be throwing in the towel - by the end of it all?

Well fit!

The gloves are off as Michael goes all-out to promote the launch of the gym. These ladies are sure to be a knockout... with potential male punters at least!t

In transit?

Let me out! Michael is a man in a van... who looks like he needs a plan to get out. Can he escape, or is he boxed in?

Blonde girl in the ring

Three cheers for Miss Mitchell, as former landlady Roxy gets a different kind of round in. We wonder if there's a Walford heavyweight in the blue corner?

Centre of attention

Concerned parents Darren and Heather look on as a paramedic tends to baby George. What's the medical emergency?

All washed up?

Darren's in a spin, as fellow fathers give him a load of parental advice. Don't get in a lather, Dazza - we're sure any problems can be ironed out...

A step in the right direction?

Kat and Alfie are still struggling with their marriage. Will an ultimatum bring them together, or drive them further apart?

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