Photo spoilers: We are family

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Daddy's boy

At the allotments Ben points out to Phil that recently he's proved himself to be a true Mitchell. He's been hounded by the police, he's fallen out with everyone and he's going round the Square with a big scowl on his face - yes, he's definitely a chip off the old block!

Dot, jury and executioner

What's this - Dot trying to drink Patrick under the table? No, they're just having the one and mulling over the fact that Andrew may be guilty not of love in the first degree, but of murder. "Oh, I say!" indeed!

Baby, it's cold outside

Dot's not known for breaking and entering, so we can only think that Cora must be a bad influence, when the pair nick Billy's keys to break into the R&R to look for Andrew's jumper. It must be cold in Walford, this week, is all we can say.

Happy Birthday to stewed

We do like a lovely spread - unfortunately it's wasted on Lauren, who's been celebrating in her own special way. First she ruins the cake then she sicks up - Oh dear, Tanya better hide that champagne pretty darn quick!

Fright night

With Jean now the official Events Manager at the Vic, it's time to don some deeley boppers and go back to the 80s. Heather would be proud - the rest of us would probably run for the hills at such a scary sight!

Dancing on Heath's grave

Later on, Shirley accuses everyone of laughing at Heather and turns the music off, much to Mandy's disgust. In that get up, how she expects Shirl to take her seriously, we don't know!

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