Video exclusive: Jake and Lacey reunite... it's magic

Straight after rehearsing their intense two-hander (term for an episode, play or film with only two characters don'tcha know), Jake and Lacey interviewed each other using YOUR questions.

How did Lacey react when she found out she was Archie's killer? What was it like filming the live episode? Will Max and Stacey get back together? Oooooooh. Find out all their answers to the questions you sent in via our Facebook and Twitter...

You can ALSO see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the episode this Friday. It's a gripper.

Build-up to the episode on Friday: Max has experienced a whirlwind of grief, pain and anger over the last month since the death *wipes tear* of loveable Bradders. Has Stacey? WHO KNOWS! She blurted out to Max that SHE killed Archie Mitchell, then she pegged it after seeing her hubby flat out on the slab... where is she? Did Bradders know she killed Archie? Why did she do it? Max neeeeeeeds answers, love.

Don't miss the two-hander this Friday, 26 March at 8pm.

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