Photo spoilers: Bin there, done that

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Branning strop

It's no surprise that Lauren and Ian did not work well together in the newly named 'Mandy's'. She's quickly fired by an irrate Mr Beale. Does she go quietly? No. *Please note, Ian is gawking at an upturned bin*.

My eyes, My eyes!

I'm lost for words. As are most of The Square's residents. Let's just say the unveiling of the the new neon-tastic B&B sign does not go well... Time to invest in some black out blinds everyone!

The penny drops

It all becomes clear that when Derek offered Carol some money he wasn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Funnily enough there was something in it for him! What will Carol do about it?

Come Lorraine or shine...

Mandy can't help but love her mum. On realising Lorraine really is very sick she rushes to her bedside. Will mother and daughter finally bury the hatchet?

G'day Mate

Move over Sausage Surprise, hello burnt sausages! Alfie's come up with (yet another) get rich quick scheme - an Aussie style BBQ. Janine looks less than impressed!

Change is good?

Carol tells Whitney that the Butcher clan are heading off to be nearer Bianca. Will Whitney be left living in the biggest batchelorette pad on The Square? Or will she have a house mate?

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