Photo spoilers: Rolling with the punches...

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Fist first

Joey just can't help himself. When he spies Lucy getting some unwanted attention he runs to her aid and gives the guy a taste of his fist! Does he not know that there's a boxing gym around the corner?

Like father, like son

Joey arrives for a family lunch with Derek and Alice, but he brings along all of his new Walford mates too. His plan to push his dad to breaking point clearly works! What will Alice think of Derek's angrier side?

Turning point?

Kat uses her womanly charms to round up The Square's men to join The Vic's football team. She takes flirting to a whole new level, but how far will she actually go?!

Do they fit like a glove?

What says romance more than running a burger van together? As they clean up the equipment, Phil's all smiles because Shirley's back to her old self. But how long will that last?

What's in a name?

Michael comes back from the registry office and casually tells Janine that their baby's no longer called Patricia! Err, really Michael, really? He's decided to call her Scarlett Patricia Moon, will Janine like the name change?

Crossed wires

Oh dear. Kat has a secret liaison, and is guilt-ridden the morning after. And so she should be! Poor Alfie thinks he's done something wrong and tries to talk to her. How much will she tell him?

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