Testing times, quite literally, for the residents of Walford this week. What will be the result of Albert Square's latest daddy dilemma. Tell us what you think.

Daddy detector

Ricky is just one of the many Walford residents taking a paternity test this week. Either that or he's the first person able to clean his ears wih a cotton bud - from the inside!

Pointing the finger

Not exactly the shy, retiring type, Bianca has some strong words to say about baby Richard's parentage.

And the winner is...

It's a tense time as everyone waits to find out who's the daddy. If it turns out to be Darren again, they'll all be very confused.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who loves Minty most of all? Heather's trying on her wedding dress for old times' sake. Will the blushing ex-bride be caught in the act? And by who?

Emergency number

Sam may look like she's just read Fatboy's latest tweet, but things are actually serious. What could be wrong?

Apology accepted?

Darren has something important to tell Jodie, and we suspect it's more than this week's special offer at the car lot. Let's hope they can work things out. Somebody needs to be in a happy relationship around here!


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