Let's face it... January is tough! We roll around after too much festive pud, rub our pennies together and sniff and yawn all day... well, our Walford residents don't escape the January blues either!

Towards the end of the month a certain party-hard, businessman is struck down by a *deep breath* heart attack! MAJOR! But who???

Has Phil's past drink and drugs lifestyle taken its toll?

Yes, it's... PHIL 'Don't Mess With Me' MITCHELL!

Perhaps stringing along two women at the same time proves too much for his ticker, or maybe jumping on and off the wagon too many times to mention has taken its toll. Whatever brings on the heart attack... it's not pretty!

How does it happen? Well... whilst he's getting it on with game Glenda in R&R, Phil collapses in the heat of the moment, just as Glenda spots Ian staring at them both. (Whatever turns you on, Ian).

Will Ian come to his senses and help? Or will he leave Phil to come to a miserly end?

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