Advent Calendar #13: Fantastic facts!

With nearly 28 years of history to consider, it's essential for the EastEnders story team to have all the facts and figures about the show's characters at their fingetips to ensure the series' continuity is as accurate as possible.

We've delved deep in the the EastEnders character 'bible' to bring you 20 top facts about the residents of Walford:

  • Abi dislikes mint chocolate, maths and zombie films
  • Bianca once had a fight dressed as a lobster
  • Billy spent a night in police cells for being caught naked on his stag do
  • Bobby doesn't like singing - as he can't sing
  • Dot's favourite film is Casablanca
  • Heather is claustrophobic
  • Ian has a cheeky devil tattoo above his bottom
  • Jack's favourite colour is purple
  • Janine has a birthmark on her upper right arm
  • Jean can't swim

  • Lauren dislikes most sports, baked beans, Harry Potter, curry and mushrooms
  • Liam's favourite football team is Leeds United
  • Mandy's favourite film is Bambi
  • Masood's favourite foods are chooza palak, pakora and hard boiled eggs in moghlai sauce
  • Max likes listening to Led Zeppelin and eating lemon sherbets
  • Phil dislikes music, musicals, dance, theatre, snakes and hospitals
  • Shirley's shoes size is 6 (wide)
  • Syed has a degree in economics and diploma in massage
  • Tamwar is allergic to cats
  • Whitney has a foot phobia

Okay, we have to confess that we've made up one of these facts! Can you guess which one?

Come back tomorrow for more Advent Calendar fun!


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