Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie interview

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The fabulous twosome are back! Not only have you seen a wig, wit and wonderous stories from Kat Moon, but tonight Alfie was back in town...

The dynamic duo are already setting the screen alight!

Not only do Kat and Alfie have a history to remember, but actors Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie (try) to recollect their memories from over the years... this includes pink, fluffy candy floss! Oo-er.

Watch the brilliant pair interview each other in our comfy lounge. It's heartwarming stuff!

Like what you see? We have more video fun from the pair... watch them 'av a laugh and make a few bloomin' bloopers in their video teaser too.

Both Shane and Jessie are appearing on The One Show on 22 September too, so look out for them from 7pm on there...

You can also discuss their comeback on Facebook and Twitter... we bet you're over the Moon... *cue Kat cackle*

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