Extra red button scene: Ryan meets... Stacey!

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Whether you're at home preparing for Santa's visit, out and about dodging hoards of shoppers, or simply relaxing after a long ol' year... you can remind yourselves that you're not in Stacey Branning's shoes!

After a tough 2010, Stacey deserves a bit of love this Christmas. Although it's certainly not coming from her arch-rival Janine who's just announced that Stacey killed Archie in the Vic. The. Secret. Is. Out.

Filmed exclusively for red button and the EastEnders website, you can watch the extra scene that follows the boozer broadcast between Ryan and Stacey. It's emotional.

What the blazers will Ryan do? Is he going to sort his head out?!? Hmmph. He'll need to if he goes back to Janine. I ask ya. What will Stacey do next?

I reckon she needs some festive love. Heart Stacey, the poor lamb deserves your love (okay, so she's a murderer). Tweet #iheartstacey too.

If you can't get enough of the extra scenes, then you can view the previous two here:

1. Janine meets... Stacey

2. Lauren meets... Max

Happy Christmas!

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