Episode discussion for week 1 - 5 August

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This is your chance to share all your thoughts on EastEnders with the nation. Let us know what you think of the upcoming storylines below...

Please be warned, the episode guides contain spoilers!

Monday 1st August

An isolated Roxy resorts to drastic measures when Phil continues to muscle her out of R&R.

Meanwhile, Zainab is determined to celebrate Ramadan with the whole family, unaware that Syed has a secret to share.

Michael integrates himself further into the Moon family, much to Jack's displeasure, while Ian sinks to a new low.

Tuesday 2nd August

Tanya's efforts with Greg result in her feeling increasingly trapped within her marriage.

Elsewhere, Eddie and Carol's romance blossoms, Poppy discovers she is not immune to Tyler's charms, and Ian continues to weave his complex web of lies.

Janine enjoys goading Phil, and light-fingered Lola cannot seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Thursday 4th August

Lola finds herself completely out of her depth when her attempt to teach Phil a lesson backfires, with terrible consequences.

Meanwhile, Tanya takes an emotional trip down memory lane as she returns to her childhood home, Ian revels in his new-found sex appeal, and a lonely Janine finds comfort from an unexpected source.

Friday 5th August

Billy and Julie deal with the fallout of Lola's actions but will they be able to pull through their crisis together?

Elsewhere, Greg's left reeling by Tanya's bombshell, Kat struggles to bond with Shenice and Mo threatens to expose Ian's lie.

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